Gideon Kalangwa

Gideon Kalangwa is a young Ugandan philanthropist who has set his heart on serving the orphaned, needy, widows and elderly people. He studied electrical and computer engineering science and now is working as engineer. But all his work is dedicated towards the school and the foundation. He is also an outstanding inspiration to most of the youths and entire population in the district due to his relentless effort in lending a hand to those that have been stricken by adversity.

Rose Lufafa

Born and raised from a typical African family where challenges like a large number of dependents and poverty are almost an accepted norm, Mrs. Rose has seen it all and lived through these many challenges among others. She studied Business administration and now largely performs the administrative work at Deseret School. But next to this she is also a voice and mentor that has empowered many youths in the community. She poses mother to a number of needy children that cannot access basic needs and those that have been abused within society. She believes that with love lives can be transformed and it's with love that we can make the world a better place and give back purpose to life.

Victoria Knobloch

Victoria Knobloch is an artist (singer and photographer) from Germany. She first visited Deseret Community School in September 2016 for a 3 week volunteering program. She was immensely inspired by the unconditional love and devotion that Mrs. Lufafa and Mr. Kalangwa displayed towards these needy children and the elderly. But she was also struck by the immense poverty and many desperate situations she encountered, that she felt the urge to immediately start this foundation with Mr. Kalangwa and Mrs. Lufafa and now sees it as her purpose and mission to help the school and the community.