"Oh freedom" by Deseret Community School

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 10.11.2022

New school sweaters

For our students at Deseret Community School, we could buy new school sweaters with the support of the Friedrich Pongratz Foundation. In Uganda, it is customary for students to wear school uniforms. However, due to the Corona crisis most parents are unable to pay the costs for school uniforms for their children. In order to enable the children to have a dignified school day, we bought school sweaters for 200 children and hope to be able to buy solide shoes, sports gear and school uniforms in the future.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 23.08.2022

Balanced school lunch for 1 year!

Our children now receive balanced school meals every day with the support of "Ein Herz für Kinder". This is a very important support for us, because otherwise the children often had problems concentrating, because there just wasn't enough food. This is the basis for everything else. So thank you again to "Ein Herz für Kinder"!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 17.06.2022

Mattresses for the elderly of the community!

With the support of the Friedrich Pongratz Foundation we were able to buy over Christmas some blankets, pillows and mattresses for the older people in our community.

Most of them often do not even have the bare essentials for live available. They were very happy about the gifts. Almost nobody in Germany needs to worry about the necessary basic needs, but in Uganda people suffer at large. We want to support people whom nobody is helping anymore and who no longer have a chance to help themselves, especially the elderly people. With a small support we can make their living conditions a little easier and thus they can feel their own human dignity again, at least a little bit.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 18.02.2022

Sewing course for the girls of the school!

Despite the difficult circumstances at school at the moment, we decided to buy sewing machines and organized a sewing course for the girls in our school. As a result the young women learn an important craft at school, that can be useful to them after school and hopefully they will be able to make a living with it.

An experienced teacher is leading the sewing course and she helps the students to learn how to operate the sewing machines in order to then be able to make patterns for the dresses, shirts and trousers. The sewing course increases the girls self-confidence and is an important foundation for self-help.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 13.12.2021

New playground equipment for school!

With the support of the "Merck Family Foundation" we bought new play equipment for our Deseret Community School in Uganda. In addition to mental activity, children urgently and necessarily need physical balance and exercise. By playing children get to know the world in which they live and above all they love and enjoy it and due to this they can grow in a healthy and balanced way.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 26.09.2021

Art Project at school!

With the support of the "BK Kids Foundation" we organized an acrylic painting course in the Deseret Community School in Uganda to support the children's creative potential. The course was very well received and the children were much inspired. They really loved the course and want more of it.

Through creativity and artistic activity children regain self-confidence and their love for life can grow. The purpose of arts education is not necessarily to produce professional painters or artists. For the time being it's about creating more complete human beings who can think critically and are curious and open to life! Some had great talent and really got into it. The children loved this course and we will continue it with the support of the Peter Ustinov Foundation.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 23.06.2021

New School furniture for Deseret Community School

In 2020/2021 we bought new school furniture for our Deseret Community School in Uganda with the support of the "Edith-Haberland-Wagner Foundation". The new school furniture significantly improves the school situation. Not all students are currently able to enjoy it, as school operations have come to a stand still due to the corona measures and only the 6th and 7th grades are allowed to study. We hope that this will change soon.

The furniture is very beautiful and was made by hand. Now each student has his/her own school desk and his/her own chair, which allows them to study in a more focused and individual way. For the small ones we have bought furniture in different colors, to distract them from dreary Ugandan everyday life and for giving them a little joy. The large tables for the new school library are also very nice and now the children have the opportunity to read stories or play games together. In general the new furniture raised the level of the school and significantly optimized the learning environment. We hope by improving the learning environment, that the children will be able to enjoy learning more.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 24.03.2021

New library is finished!

We are happy to announce that we were able to build a new school library with the support of the Georg Krauss Foundation! Due to the Corona situation in 2020 there were considerable delays due to staff and material shortages, as well as restrictions. Ultimately however, the construction could be executed without any difficulties or problems.

The new school library houses already the first books and especially in this restrictive Corona period the opportunity of reading and playing games is of great benefit for the children. Ugandan children's capacity of reading is quite weak because they are not properly taught and because there is no reading tradition in the country. Let us now try to change this slowly and carefully and steadily introduce the children to reading, starting with picture books for the very young. We would like to teach the children not only how to pronounce the letters, words and sentences, but also to talk with them afterwards about the meaning of what they have read. After reading a story or a fairy tale, the children sit together in small groups and talk about it with the teacher. It would be nice if the children could experience how fascinating it is to get lost in a story, how the imagination starts blossoming and how the soul gets wings. Only when they experience this themselves do they want to learn to read.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 18.02.2021

Deseret Foundation e.V. wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Deseret Foundation e.V. wishes everybody a Merry Christmas! With deep gratitude we would like to take the opportunity to thank all supporters for their loyalty and generosity! It was a difficult year, also for our dear school children. And how will everything continue? "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.." (1 Corinthians 13:13) And love has the power to oppose the pessimism of the mind with the optimism of the will. Let us enter into the new year with this very power in our hearts!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 15.12.2020

We started with the plastering of the paveways!

As you can see in the picture below the mud situation at school was unbearable in the rainy season! Because of this it was impossible to keep both the children and the classrooms clean. It could also be very slippery as well, which was quite dangerous. For this reason we decided to use the Corona time to cement the paveways. The construction work started in october and is still ongoing.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 20.11.2020

Toys have reached Uganda

The companies Carletto Deutschland GmbH, Schleich GmbH and Molten Europe GmbH have sent us a wonderful toy donation last year. In January the first load was brought to Uganda and the children were really happy. Due to the lack of abundance in Uganda the children there are so much more happy when they get some toys. Very few children in Uganda are in possession of toys. But when they get some, they are mostly feeling like in heaven. For the doll in the first picture (left) a school uniform was immediately sewn by Rose Lufafa (director)!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 16.6.2020

New School Kitchen

With the support of "Ein Herz für Kinder" we have built a new school kitchen for our Deseret Community School. The new school kitchen now supplies our 300 pupils and teachers with food. For some Deseret students the school lunch is the only real meal a day. Therefore it is even more important that the necessary infrastructure functions well and that the kitchen is adequately equipped for the steadily growing number of students.

The cooking process is faster and far more energy-efficient than before, because the required firewood burns in an air-protected room now and not in the open space as before. The new kitchen also has a small storage room for poscho, corn and firewood, which now can be stored safely and protected from the rain. A small room for serving the food was also built, so that the children can pick up and enjoy their food in a dry space in case of heavy rain.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 1.4.2020

Special thanks to the Peter Wolf Kinderhilfestiftung

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Wolf and his Children's Aid Foundation. Since 2018 Mr. Wolf has been generously supporting our work. If one wants to carry out larger projects as an association, you always have to invest a certain amount of your own capital into the project applications. For a small organization like ours this is often quite hard to achieve. That's where the Peter Wolf Children's Aid Foundation came in and has so far already supported many of our projects like the building of the classrooms, school fence, school kitchen, school bus, renovation of the school, etc. ...Therefore we are infinitely grateful to Mr. Wolf and his foundation. He has become already a very important part of our school and we are hoping for a further fruitful cooperation.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 25.2.2020

New fence for the school

Uganda still faces many challenges which we, in the developed countries, have more or less conquered. For example theft and partialy even vandalism are still very common in Uganda, due to the high level of poverty and lack of basic necessities everywhere you go. Our school has developed well in the past 2 years and the standard has been greatly improved. For protection of the school property, we built a school fence.

But not only that, the most important thing of course is the safety of our children. Without a fence strangers could easily get into the school compound and the overview and control was quite difficult to maintain. A school fence offers our children a safer environment, which especially the parents do appreciate highly.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 10.02.2020

Schoolbooks with support of Günter-Voßebrecker-Stiftung

With the support of the Günter Voßebrecker Foundation we were able to buy books for 1000 EUR. The tradition of reading is not widespread in Uganda as it is not encouraged in childhood and only a few books are available for purchase in general. This restricts learning up to adulthood. Books can make learning easier and above all inspire the children's curiosity and desire to learn and prepare them for a more modern life. The kids love the storybooks and of course the books with pictures, because abstract informations are difficult to capture for a child's brain, but pictures are much easier to grasp and remember. In addition the students learn best when school stuff is packed in stories. Abstract content comes alive in the truest sense of the word. So the new books are a real blessing for our school. If you introduce children to reading, they can benefit later and their lives can be greatly enriched.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 03.12.2019

School office is finished

For a better, structured organization, so that work processes and daily work can be executed faster and more effective, we decided to build a new school office. Only those who keep order in the workplace have their heads free for effective work. With the new office, we can create a constructive working atmosphere in which all feel comfortable and can work professionally. Once again we cordially would like to thank the Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa and the Toni Garrn Foundation for their support!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 30.11.2019

Let the children speak

Large copy machine for the school

We bought a large copy machine for the school. In the past we could print examinations and working materials only very costly and expensively in the city. This has slowed down the workflow and over the years a lot of money has been wasted on expensive copies and travel to the city. With a large printer or copy machine our teachers no longer have to take the time-consuming way to the city to reproduce teaching materials or texts in a copy shop. Thus a large copy machine saves time and money. Even correspondence and organizational matters cost twice as much time without a printer or copy machine. Also now we can easily send interesting learning material from Germany and reproduce it for the children. The same applies for training material for teachers as well as shading pages for the little ones etc. .....

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 09.10.2019

Meditation class at school

On 27.6.2019 we could welcome 4 wonderful ladies from the African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge in Uganda at our school. They were explaining the basics and benefits of meditation to our children and in upcoming lessons they will introduce them practically to the art of meditation.

Meditation will help the children to become more aware of themselves and more aware of their surroundings. This will sharpen their brains and they will understand themselves and the world better. They will be knowing what they really want and what makes them happy. And when they are happy themselves, then they will be able to share this with others and create a more joyful society. In addition they will automatically become more constructive citizens, because more happy people are more beneficial and social ones. Also meditation, when done correctly, can improve health and well-being as well as relationships and productivity in all areas of their lives. It can help them to reduce stress for a more harmonious and peaceful school atmosphere and community. We are hoping that we can establish a regular meditation class at our school, so that it becomes natural and self-evident to our children. Special thanks to Judith Nassali, Grace Nankya, Teddy Nassali and Night Kiconco from Kampala for their inspiration and dedication to the cause for transforming society for the better.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 09.07.2019

Uganda-Exhibition in Forchheim

From 05.07. - 04.08.2019 you can see pictures of Mrs. Knobloch about Uganda and Deseret Foundation e.V. in the museum in Forchheim. Among other things Victoria Knobloch is a professional photographer and her camera has been always with her on her many trips to Uganda. This has resulted in many great pictures about the project. But she also traveled to other parts in Uganda and captured the many intriguing facets of this country. The Karamojong region in the north of the country, where the original tribal life is still intact, particularly inspired Victoria Knobloch.

Her portraits are like windows in the souls of the people. The photographer on her portraits: "When it comes to portraits and generally good motives, the most important thing while travelling is: walking, walking, walking - until a good situation or encounter will be "given" to me. I see every good portrait as a gift. After all it can only "happen" to me and I cannot "do it." From my side I only need to be cognizant of the situation and have enough awareness and openness to be able to perceive it. For me, a good portrait is like a good dialogue or an intense encounter. This happens non-verbally and on a deeper level and both parties are aware when the portrayed opens up to me and is giving an insight into his inner being. That then is a magical moment! Of course, this does not always happen but when it does, than these are always the best portraits."

Posted by Victoria Knobloch am 06.07.2019

Schoolbus for the school

For several reasons the purchase of a school bus was very important: some of our chidren do have a long way and often have to walk 2 hours to school. Due to that they do not come to school regularly or sometimes when they reach they are very tired. We now can facilitate their way to school and it is also much safer for them to come with our bus than alone. Public transport as we know it in Germany does not exist in Uganda. In cases of illness in the school or community we can drive those affected quickly to the hospital. Especially many older people in the community have no access to medical care due to logistical restrictions. We can counteract this now with the help of the bus. Even when medical incidents at school should happen we can act quickly and in an emergency we can drive the children to the hospital.

Also school excursions can be organized on a small scale now, which will greatly contribute to broadening the horizons of the children of which some never have the opportunity to get out of the village. Large errands in the city for the school such as posho and beans for lunch, firewood, textbooks and books, construction materials, etc. ... can also be done by the bus now saving a lot of time and transport costs. We are deeply grateful to the foundation "RTL-Wir helfen Kindern" who made the purchase of the school bus possible.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 03.07.2019

Carefree to school

We are pleased to announce that our schoolgirls have received their new reusable cloth pads. Girls in Uganda often can not afford sanitary pads. As a result they are ashamed during menstruation and often miss school. As a last solution some girls even use chicken feathers! This campaign greatly helps our girls to go to school freely and without fear during their menstruation. We would like to thank Bettina Steinbrugger and Team from erdbeerwoche GmbH who donated the sanitary pads for their wonderful support.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 21.03.2019

2 new classrooms

And again we are happy to announce that 2 new classrooms are finished and our school shines beautifully now ;-)! Many thanks to "Ein Herz für Kinder" for the wonderful support. The new appearance of the school shows the importance of the study environment for the learning conditions of children. It is a necessary foundation for a successful and qualitative school education. The girls and boys of the Deseret Community School are of course very happy about their new classrooms.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 11.02.2019

Christmas party for our elders in the school

Through donations we were able to buy 50 blankets for Christmas for our elders of the community. They were very happy because even in Uganda it can get cold at night and many of them do not even have the money for a blanket, so they cover themselves with old clothes or something like that and sleep quite uncomfortable. Therefore the Christmas party for our elders at school was a very joyful event! We from Deseret Foundation e.V. wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 20.12.2018

Donations in kind reached Uganda safely

During the last trip to Uganda in September some important donations in kind were taken to school, among them 3 kg vegetable-seeds, 50 menstruation cups, 80 english exercise books with pictures, softballs for the little ones and many vitamins. We would like to thank the following companies and corporations for their wonderful support: Selenacup, Philipp Klein GmbH, Vitaminwelten GmbH, Orthomol Kübler Sport GmbH and the Westermann Group!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 24.10.2018

Volleyball and Netball

We did set up a volleyball and netball court with nets and baskets. Since then the breaktimes are much more alive and the kids love these games. Ball games promote coordination skills, they awaken the team spirit in children and improve their physical and motor qualities. But the most important thing is: They are fun! Netball is a basketball-style game that is mostly played by girls and women and mainly in English-speaking countries like Australia, Great Britain and Africa.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 06.10.2018

Water tank for our school

We bought a water tank for the school. Although we do have a water pipe, the costs for water are always incredibly high. Water for washing hands, cleaning, construction and the garden can now be used from the water tank. This saves us a lot of money, which we now can use elsewhere for more important things.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 24.09.2018

Completion of classrooms

We are very happy - the 2 new classrooms are ready! Our 2nd and 3rd grades are now very proud of their new classrooms. Thanks to all supporters. The learning environment is crucial and in the new classrooms the children will be able to concentrate better and therefore learn with more joy, inspiration and motivation. Thanks again especially to the Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken in Berlin.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch am 30.07.2018

Construction work in progress!

The 2 new classrooms of Deseret Community School are taking shape and there is not much left until the students can use them.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch am 10.05.2018

Completion and opening of our new assembly hall!

Dear friends and supporters of Deseret Foundation e.V.! We are pleased to announce that we were able to build the new assembly hall for our school in January 2018 and that the inauguration party took place on the 10th of February 2018. We celebrated this joyous event with much dancing, pride and laughter. Now many activities like music concerts, dancing, meetings and counseling sessions can take place in the hall. Also with this 2 newly renovated classrooms have been created. At this point we would like to express our deep gratitude to the AES e.V. in Bavaria and the Foundation Nord-Süd-Brücken in Berlin for their support.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 24.02.2018

Merry Christmas from Deseret Foundation e.V.

Dear friends and supporters of Deseret Foundation e.V.! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very auspicious and Happy New Year! We want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support in our first year of collaboration and for the enthusiasm you showed towards our work! All this is an important and indispensable contribution to our school, our community and our wonderful children. We could not do it without you! Thank you!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 01.12.2017

Town & Country Foundation Prize

Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that we received the Town & Country Foundation Prize handed over by Mrs. Isabell Bellmont at the Town & Country Foundation House in Leipzig.

With the money we were able to renovate half of the school. As you can see now, there is an African (left) and a German (right) side. :-) We also bought a tabltennis table, which made the children very happy!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 15.7.2017

Cementation of a classroom completed

Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that with your support, we could finish the cementation of one of our classrooms.
I myself have been at school during the process in Feb. 2017 and here are some pictures I made during the work proceedings:

The new classroom is very pretty and improves the learning environment of the children a lot. We from Deseret Foundation would take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support.

Work goes on uninterruptedly and there are many more things that need to be fixed. Please continue to support our vision. The gratitude of the children is immeasurable and with every donation you make, you change the life of these children for the better.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch 1.4.2017

Doing handicrafts was fun!

During my last Ugandajourney in february I was able to bring along with me some craft materials. And doing handicrafts and painting was really fun for the children. They loved it! Children in Africa rarely have the opportunity to express their creativity, therefore it was something very special for all of them and in the pictures you can see their enthusiasm!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch 17.3.2017

Our little Christmas 2016 - Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for your wonderful support!
With your help we could provide a little Christmas for the children and they where extremely happy!
We from Deseret Foundation wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a happy new year! Thank you all so much and may god bless you!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch 27.12.2016