Town & Country Foundation Prize

Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that we received the Town & Country Foundation Prize handed over by Mrs. Isabell Bellmont at the Town & Country Foundation House in Leipzig.

With the money we were able to renovate half of the school. As you can see now, there is an African (left) and a German (right) side. :-) We also bought a tabltennis table, which made the children very happy!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch on 15.7.2017

Cementation of a classroom completed

Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that with your support, we could finish the cementation of one of our classrooms.
I myself have been at school during the process in Feb. 2017 and here are some pictures I made during the work proceedings:

The new classroom is very pretty and improves the learning environment of the children a lot. We from Deseret Foundation would take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support.

Work goes on uninterruptedly and there are many more things that need to be fixed. Please continue to support our vision. The gratitude of the children is immeasurable and with every donation you make, you change the life of these children for the better.

Posted by Victoria Knobloch 1.4.2017

Doing handicrafts was fun!

During my last Ugandajourney in february I was able to bring along with me some craft materials. And doing handicrafts and painting was really fun for the children. They loved it! Children in Africa rarely have the opportunity to express their creativity, therefore it was something very special for all of them and in the pictures you can see their enthusiasm!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch 17.3.2017

Our little Christmas 2016 - Thank you!

We would like to thank you all for your wonderful support!
With your help we could provide a little Christmas for the children and they where extremely happy!
We from Deseret Foundation wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a happy new year! Thank you all so much and may god bless you!

Posted by Victoria Knobloch 27.12.2016